Senior Wellness

Senior wellness is about staying independent, active and healthy in as many ways as possible. Margo Rose has worked with a wide range of clients in their 70's, 80's and 90's with a variety of concerns and challenges. She visits and exercises with people in their private home or in retirement and assisted care homes.

Sessions for Senior Wellness are focused on three main goals:

1) Build enough balance, strength, good posture and ease of movement to maintain activities of daily living.

Exercises can be very practical. We can practice getting in and out of chairs easily, standing and walking with minimal support, picking items up from the floor, reaching up to a cabinet and lifting items like a frying pan or pile of books. For stamina we can walk around the block or go to the local store for groceries. Balance and agility can be improved with yoga, doing push-ups at the kitchen sink builds strength. By doing the activities we need and want to sustain, we can remain as vibrant and active as possible.

Angelica as Rosie the Riveter

Angelica at age 89

2) Learn to reduce the risks of falls, accidents and injuries.

Health setbacks, hospital visits and especially falls can be scary, expensive and discouraging. We can learn how to make transitions like: lying down to standing, standing to walking and going up or down stairs safer. Being as stable as possible may include knowing when tools like: glasses, hearing aids, walking canes can be helpful. By meeting with clients in their living space, Margo Rose can also offer suggestions of how to make floor surfaces less slippery, hallways and rooms easier to navigate, help choose clothes and shoes that minimize accidents and see that wires, sharp items and glass are well-placed. Avoiding accidents is much more uplifting than recovering from them!

Angelica practicing yoga

Wellness Warrior

3) Improve communication among care providers.

Often family members, doctors, physical therapists and other caregivers do not know enough about one another's actions and requests. As part of her work with senior clients, Margo Rose likes to stay in contact with other service providers, including adult children whom may not live locally. Seniors can get better care when we all cooperate and give each other updates either by phone, email and discussions in person when possible. Hooray for teamwork!

Angelica and Margo

Angelica and Margo Rose