Functional Fitness

Being healthy is about having enough energy, strength and agility to enjoy your life and fulfill your personal goals. What do you want to be able to do? Go hiking, dancing or skiing on the weekends--pain free? Chase after young children while carrying groceries? Travel to exotic parts of the world with enough stamina to have adventures with your friends and loved ones?

Our bodies are the one tool we need every day! When we can sustain a high enough level of basic health, life has more options-- in our careers, relationships and creative pursuits.

Sessions for Functional Fitness are focused on three main goals:

1) Learn exercises that are physically comfortable and minimize any risk of injury.

One of the biggest reasons people find it harder to exercise is that they are in pain. Back, neck, knee and shoulder discomfort is especially common, particularly as we age. Margo Rose has helped people with a wide range of ailments and limitations achieve greater mobility and wellness with her specialized "comfort-focused fitness".

Margo's clients learn to exercise in a careful, skillful manner which reduces setbacks and injuries. Even exercises that strengthen abdominal and back muscles, improving posture and balance, can be accomplished gently for more lasting results. Lifelong fitness depends on knowing how to move in a way that is safe, effective and fun. Margo Rose trains her clients to listen to their bodies and needs so they can become as independent as possible.

Woman hiker

2) Find ways to stay fit that suit the amount of time and type of spaces you have to use.

Are you super busy throughout the day? Many of us feel overwhelmed as we juggle our "to-do" lists filled with taking care of our families, sustaining our careers, and finding time for our own personal goals. Too often, our health becomes a low priority, which makes it even harder to handle a full schedule.

Margo Rose has created a series of 10-Minute workouts which can be done at home, the office, an outdoor location or while traveling. Each mini-exercise routine focuses on strength, flexibility or becoming more energized. Once you know these routines, you can customize each day's fitness depending on where you are, what you need and how much time you have.

Woman with weights

3) Identify any challenges that make it harder to stay healthy.

Sometimes our own habits like: under or over-eating, substance abuse or feelings of shyness about our bodies can get in the way of enjoying exercise and seeing the results we prefer. There are times when strong emotions including: grief, sadness, anger or depression need to be addressed in order to move forward with healthier choices. Each part of life is connected and staying motivated to care well for ourselves is essential. Addressing these important topics can be part of our sessions together.

Woman exercising on floor

After so many years working as a fitness trainer, and going through her own hard times, Margo Rose has realized that staying more balanced though the best and worst of times can be learned. She is currently writing a book and launching a radio show on this topic called: Body Aware Grieving, Practical Ways to Move Through Loss, Stress or Disappointment. There are articles and podcasts by Margo Rose in the Media section of this website and at: Please send an email and let us know how to best reach you if you would like to be notified when book, ebook and radio show become available.