Over the years of helping her clients, Margo Rose has expanded the range of services she offers. Here are a few of her clients describing their experiences:

I don't believe there are enough positive adjectives to endorse Margo Rose - she's just awesome, in so many ways! After many injuries followed by trainers who insisted I push my muscles in ways that further injured me, I was reticent working with Margo. But she quickly turned me around. She's extremely understanding, highly intelligent, really listens, and she's super creative in developing core exercizes I could do without compromising my injured neck or low back.

I have so much fun with Margo because her style is so adaptive, rather than boot-campy. She knows how hard to push (or hold back) so that you can just enjoy her vast knowledge, have fun in a session. She's easy going, a warmly compassionate, life- experienced, highly qualified trainer.

She's even developed a website for "body aware grieving" to help people take care of their bodies while going through loss or life changes. Margo understands people at a very deep level, and after years of chiro, massage, pilates, weight training, gymnastics, and more, I'd never trust anyone to train me without Margo Rose's advice first.

Allison Bliss

Allison Bliss
Director Allison Bliss Consulting

Audio Testimonial/Interview with Margherite. Margo Rose and Margherite discuss how fitness sessions together help her function better all week long while juggling her responsibilities of: a full-time job, being a mother, step-mother, wife and caregiver to her ailing parent.

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I only started working out with Margo one month ago and it has been great! Everyone is complimenting me on how much better my body looks...already.

Even though we only meet 2 times per week, I find myself making better food and exercise choices all week long. I realize that ultimately I am responsible for my own progress--which is really empowering.

Tania Anderson

Tania Anderson
Certified Massage Practitioner

I've always been athletic and self-motivated. I came to Margo for just a few months to freshen up my workout routine and learn some new skills.

That was over six months ago, and I'm glad to say that the techniques she taught me have helped me improve the neck pain that had been bothering me for a long time. I still hear her voice reminding me to take 'stretching breaks' while I'm at work!

Helena Caballero

Helena Caballero DDS
General Dentist

Margo really puts the 'personal' in personal training! She takes into account how life's 'ups and downs' are affecting my body. She tailors our workouts to most benefit what I need at the current moment...with PLENTY of focus on stress-reduction.

In addition, she is a delightful person and I always enjoy spending time with her at our sessions. She is very encouraging, and I usually leave our sessions feeling very good about my progress and appreciating some aspect of my health and fitness level.


Mom of Two